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A Doorman Speaks, one last time

by Openthedoor-man | 10/10/11 - 12:36 PM

And so the time has come. I am stepping down as a columnist at the “Brick.”

As I write this, I feel like a renter whose lease has run out and he has to move out and on. The good thing about...

A Doorman Speaks: Muscle bound and regretting it

by Openthedoor-man | 9/26/11 - 7:49 AM

A hard lesson I’ve learned throughout the years as a doorman is that it doesn’t pay to be a pumped up, mega-fit individual.

By saying this, I’m contradicting a post I wrote ...

A Doorman Speaks...about your kids

by Openthedoor-man | 9/12/11 - 7:26 AM

The extra traffic in the lobby of parents and nannies rushing to and fro means another school year is upon us, and with it, lots of kids going in and out of the building.

Doormen get to see...

A Doorman Speaks: Holidays? What holidays?

by Openthedoor-man | 8/22/11 - 10:15 AM

One of the unfortunate things about working as a doorman is that it’s a seven-day-a-week job. The doors to a building are opened and closed every day, and someone has to staff those doors every...

A Doorman Speaks: Working under the influence

by Openthedoor-man | 8/08/11 - 7:51 AM

Working as a part-timer, I once entered the porter's room to change into my uniform and get ready for my shift. I removed my wallet, along with other miscellaneous items from my pocket, and put...

A Doorman Speaks: On the celebrity watch

by Openthedoor-man | 7/25/11 - 1:15 PM

Once the cameras stop rolling, the fun part of a film shoot in the city for some actors and actresses is that they can hop in a taxi and go home. By “home” I mean a building in which a doorman—...

A Doorman Speaks: Calling all missing packages

by Openthedoor-man | 6/20/11 - 2:18 PM

“Lost in the system.” You ever hear those four annoying words? UPS or FedEx sometimes use them to describe your package, the one you haven’t received yet.

Sadly, there's a good chance a...

A Doorman Speaks: Rodney King had a point

by Openthedoor-man | 6/06/11 - 1:43 PM

Growing up, I got along with friends of different backgrounds. It was like a United Nations of snotty nosed children playing Whiffle ball and man-hunt. In a perfect world, that’s how all of life...

A Doorman Speaks: What we know about your renovation

by Openthedoor-man | 5/23/11 - 11:23 AM

Drinking a glass of water one day, it suddenly dawns on a resident, “My kitchen is sooo outdated.” Many of the original tiles, flooring and fixtures are in place, including that mustard-colored...