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An open letter to the next mayor from a small NYC landlord

by Craig Roche | 10/03/13 - 1:08 PM

Dear Mr. Mayor (whoever you turn out to be),

Congratulations on your victory!  Even though you’ll be getting rent-free subsidized housing for the next four years, you still face a...

Want an upgrade to your rental? Start thinking like a landlord

by Craig Roche | 9/12/13 - 10:43 AM

Most tenants are afraid to ask their landlord for upgrades, as these tend to lead to rent increases.  While this is true, you shouldn’t get too stressed, as living in a crappy...

Re-Lease Me: A landlord's guide to lease renewals

by Craig Roche | 8/29/13 - 10:43 AM
Most market-rate leases in NYC are for one year. As their leases approach expiration, I’ve noticed that I see my tenants less frequently, presumably because they’re afraid that if they are too...

Is your landlord requiring you to get renter's insurance? Here's why

by Craig Roche | 8/15/13 - 2:44 PM
What if a kid’s baseball broke your front window and then a torrential thunderstorm blew in and ruined everything in your living room while you were on vacation?
 If you...

Insider moving tips from a small landlord

by Craig Roche | 7/18/13 - 10:14 AM
As I’ve explained before, I hate losing tenants, but sometimes they leave...

Top 10 reasons NYC's small landlords are becoming extinct

by Craig Roche | 6/27/13 - 10:18 AM

A hundred years ago, men and horses farmed vegetables, and...

Why this small landlord stays away from Craigslist and brokers

by Craig Roche | 5/30/13 - 10:48 AM

Have you seen the ad for my apartment?


Excellent – my strategy is working!

I will never advertise my apartments on Craigslist.  And your broker will never hear of them either...

A landlord speaks -- about what's behind that incomprehensible lease

by Craig Roche | 5/16/13 - 10:27 AM

Lessons from a Small Landlord is a new bi-weekly column penned by a real-life NYC landlord whose pseudonym is Craig Roche.

In an ideal world without lawyers, apartment leases would...