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Let there be (natural) light: 6 NYC homes on the market with skylights

by Virginia K. Smith | 8/28/14 - 12:59 PM

In a market full of dark, cramped little apartments, an abundance of natural light may be the ultimate home decor status symbol. And if it's coming from above? Even better (and probably a sign...

Double the luxury: 7 NYC homes with his-and-hers sinks

by Virginia K. Smith | 8/22/14 - 2:59 PM

We've always been skeptical of pairs of double beds that couples share in old movies, but double sinks? Those seem ideal. We've combed the current listings for apartments on the market with his-...

Lounge poolside at these 6 New York buildings

by Virginia K. Smith | 8/15/14 - 2:59 PM

There are a lot of fancy amenities out there we could live without—virtual golf rooms, we're looking at you—but we're convinced that having a pool right in your apartment building would be...

Soak in style: 6 NYC apartments with classic clawfoot tubs

by Virginia K. Smith | 8/08/14 - 2:59 PM

The mark of a truly nice (and expensive) apartment is often a fancy bathroom, and for our money, nothing feels more luxurious than soaking in an old-school claw-foot tub. They can be relatively...

Room service, anyone? 9 NYC penthouses with hotel perks

by Virginia K. Smith | 8/01/14 - 2:59 PM

If there's one thing the rest of us can enjoy about New York's bonkers luxury market, it's trolling the high-end listings for fantasy apartments (or unfortunate decorating choices). And what's a...

6 in-house NYC screening rooms worthy of a double feature

by Virginia K. Smith | 7/25/14 - 1:59 PM

Most of us don't have room for a full-blown dining room table let alone an entire screening room to call our own, but in some New York apartments, you can truly live the dream: theater-quality...

7 NYC homes where you can belly up to the (home) bar

by Virginia K. Smith | 7/18/14 - 1:59 PM

Whether you're working on a bowl of cereal or a stiff drink, there's something specifically cozy about whiling away time at a home bar, feet dangling from the stool and everything you need for a...

A room with a view: 9 NYC sleep spots with swoon-worthy vistas

by Virginia K. Smith | 7/11/14 - 1:59 PM

Legally, New York bedrooms have to include a window to be considered legit, but let's just say that what you actually get is... varied. Not so if you snap up one of these (admittedly...

The great outdoors: 6 terraces worthy of a garden party

by Virginia K. Smith | 6/27/14 - 2:30 PM

Outdoor space is one of New York City's most precious commodities, and in hopes that one day we'll upgrade from our seat on the fire escape, we pulled listings with some of the most spacious,...

Open up your space with 7 stunning sets of French doors

by Virginia K. Smith | 6/20/14 - 2:30 PM

Everything just seems better with "French" in the title, and French doors are no exception, with their uncanny way of letting in natural light and making any room feel twice its actual...