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Tips from a Doorman: Doing the breaking up for a tenant, pocketing a $500 tip and an inheritance... all in a day's work

by Leonora Desar | 6/11/12 - 10:50 AM

Our latest anonymous interviewee, 34, has seen it all from where he stands guard over a high-end Midtown West co-op.

From husbands hiring private detectives to spy on their...

Tips from a Greenwich Village Doorman: My $1,000 tip; the best Chinese takeout, and more

by Leonora Desar | 5/14/12 - 2:43 PM

We recently chatted with a 52-year-old doorman who works in a Greenwich Village rental complex surrounded by some of the best restaurants and nightlife in the city. He's been a doorman for 30...

Tips from an UES doorman: For parking, head to East 85th between 2pm and 3 pm, when the doormen change shifts

by Leonora Desar | 4/30/12 - 2:38 PM

This week's doorman has watched over the same large rental building on the Upper East Side for 27 years. With his warm, friendly smile, the 57-year-old sentry is one of the most beloved...

Tips from an UWS Doorwoman: Gender's not a problem, especially when the food is this good

by Leonora Desar | 3/19/12 - 10:47 AM

Our latest anonymous interviewee is a 36-year old doorwoman who has been standing guard over a condo building in the West ’80s for about a year.  Here’s what she had to say about her work hood...

Tips from a Doorman: The worst thing a resident can do

by Leonora Desar | 3/07/12 - 7:47 AM

Milton, 25, has been working as a part-time doorman in a Greenwich Village rental building for the past 3 ½ years.   
It is his first job as a doorman. Here’s what he had to tell...

Tips from a Doorman: Door to door service not included

by Leonora Desar | 2/06/12 - 2:25 PM

This 50-year-old Tribeca doorman, who prefers to remain anonymous, has worked in the same luxury rental building for two and a half years.  

Here is what he has to say about...

Tips from a Doorman: The coffee is nice, but he still won't move your car

by Marjorie Cohen | 1/11/12 - 7:12 AM

Pablo, 64, has been working as a doorman at a building on the Upper West Side since the winter of 1986.  

His broad smile is well-known up and down the block where he works....

Tips from a Doorman: "Be honest from the beginning about what you want. Be clear, and be friendly."

by Lucy Cohen Blatter | 12/12/11 - 7:48 AM

It's been a couple of months since BrickUnderground's anonymous doorman penned his last post. We've yet to...