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Bedbugged! How to tell a bed bug from an impostor

by Theresa Braine | 12/28/12 - 9:20 AM

“I think I just killed a bed bug,” said my cousin’s voice in a message. “Call me.” 

I was immediately skeptical. She had just moved into a share with two other women....

Bedbugged! A farewell to our regular column

by Theresa Braine | 11/01/12 - 2:13 PM

As bed bugs ...

Bedbugged! Can bed bugs travel between brownstone buildings?

by Theresa Braine | 9/28/12 - 1:07 PM

A few weeks ago I noticed mattresses leaning outside some of the brownstones on my block. Luckily they were heading away from my building, not toward it. 

Taken alone, a random discarded...

Bedbugged! I finally feel at home when I'm at home

by Theresa Braine | 8/23/12 - 3:12 PM

I came home recently from a 12-day trip, my first outside the country since my most recent visit to Mexico at the end of 2009.

Sitting on my couch, I became aware of a curious feeling....

Bedbugged! The perfect exterminator

by Theresa Braine | 7/26/12 - 10:15 AM

When you see those damn bugs crawling across your mattress (in my case), or wherever and however you find them, your immediate reaction is to recoil in horror. Barely able to absorb the...

Bedbugged! My $5,600+ bed bug bill

by Theresa Braine | 6/28/12 - 10:53 AM

Bedbugged! What to expect this summer

by Theresa Braine | 6/14/12 - 2:58 PM

Summer’s a’coming and with it higher temperatures and prime bed bug reproduction weather, some experts say. 

To wit: Eggs hatch in seven to 14 days in the cold, but six...

Bedbugged! Some of my favorite experts sort fact from fiction

by Theresa Braine | 5/31/12 - 2:26 PM

Over the years since bed bugs first entered my life, much information has been disseminated. Many stories have appeared in the media. (I am signed up for daily alerts, in fact, and never a day...

Bedbugged! Discovering my strengths, and other benefits of bed bugs

by Theresa Braine | 5/03/12 - 3:13 PM

A few weeks ago I wrote about how having bed bugs changed my life. That was the...

Bedbugged! I finally get the moving thing right

by Theresa Braine | 4/19/12 - 12:29 PM

I’ve been going on about moving lately, but that’s because I’m still...