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    The good, the bad, and the memorable of living near something others would rather not.

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My Upper West Side neighbors? A prostitution ring

by Kirsten Anderson | 6/16/14 - 8:59 AM

I lived in a building near the corner of West 85th Street and Amsterdam between 2005 and 2007--clearly a very nice...

My neighbor is a pothead—and the co-op board president

by Pamela | 6/03/14 - 12:59 PM

Before I bought my junior one-bedroom last spring, I researched everything I could about the building, a roughly 100-unit, seven-story West Village co-op, as well as the board. I looked into...

How renting next to a funeral home gave me a new lease on life

by David Jacobson as told to Kelly Kreth | 5/06/14 - 11:59 AM

My wife and I and our two small children live in a three-bedroom rental in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, which we moved into last year. I work from home as an ...

Living next to a playground/secret garden isn't all fun & chervil

by Martha Burzynski | 10/09/13 - 9:01 AM

Not many apartments in the city come with keys to a secret garden but, unbeknownst to me until after signing the lease on my Boerum Hill apartment, mine did. 

Memo to self: Next time, don't move to a "through" street

by Heather F. as told to Mayra David | 9/26/13 - 2:15 PM

Ask anybody to describe New York City living and the word "noisy" will probably be mentioned. New Yorkers have found many ways to describe noise to make it seem less "noisy." They talk...

Living Next to Union Square: It's a circus, but at least it's convenient

by Karen R. | 10/24/12 - 8:59 AM

When I first found my apartment just east of Union Square, I was faced with the dilemma that any 25-year-old East Village-devotee would have: Was I prepared to live north of 14th Street? The...

Living next to a concert hall: Camp-outs, pot smoke and public urination

by Kaity K. | 6/06/12 - 3:01 PM

We recently moved into our absolute dream neighborhood --we're in the heart of the Upper West Side, close to Fairway, Citarella, the express train... and the Beacon Theater.

The Beacon is...

Living next to Herald Square is not as bad as you think

by Kelvin as told to Hong Le | 4/16/12 - 2:01 PM

I moved to Herald Towers a few months ago, not because I wanted to meet and greet all the tourists that flock to see Macy's--the world’s largest department store--but for convenience. 


Living next to a 'play street'? Don't even think of working from home

by Tony Vellela as told to Marjorie Cohen | 3/21/12 - 3:51 PM

There are a lot of great things about my neighborhood, and specifically, my street--107th, between Broadway and Amsterdam. It's a 24-hour kind of place and if I need anything at 2 in the morning,...

Living next to the FDR: It's isolated, it's noisy, it's dirty, "it's where we want to be"

by Allen as told to Marjorie Cohen | 2/13/12 - 1:33 PM

I always thought of myself as a 72nd & Broadway kind of guy because I lived in the West 70's when I was single. But soon after I got married in 1986, my wife and I ended up moving to San Diego...