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80/20 apartment living: My life as a 20 percenter

by Anonymous | 10/02/12 - 9:51 AM

Recently I was at a dinner party chatting with strangers about the usual things. Where are you from? How do you know so-and-so? What do you do? And of course, the very typical New York...

A single guy reveals why he took the co-op plunge--and how he basically lives for free

by Robert Warren | 8/08/12 - 1:25 PM

I'm a single guy in my late twenties who recently crossed coasts to live in the best city on earth. Having no doubts in my assessment of NYC, I immediately began the process of putting...

What I learned from 150 apartments before I finally bought one

by Tracy Kaler | 8/07/12 - 8:21 AM

Finding that perfect piece of Manhattan real estate is no small feat.

When my husband and I relocated from Atlanta a few years ago, we thought the rental process was challenging. At that...

5 shares, 6 months: A NYC sublet tale (and what she learned from it all)

by Angelina Fanous | 7/24/12 - 8:41 AM

Emily Doran graduated from Syracuse University in May 2007 with a plan: Move to New York City. Her friends, then-boyfriend and her dreams were all here, but a job offer wasn’t. 


Inside Story: My eternity in scaffolding

by Anonymous Upper West Side Renter | 9/06/11 - 7:58 AM

We live on the second floor of a gracious pre-war rental building that occupies a corner on the Upper West Side.  In June of 2006, after a small chunk of something fell from on high to the...

Best of Brick: "My condo was corrupt"

by Anonymous as told to Teri Rogers | 8/31/11 - 2:07 PM

A few years ago, my wife and I bought a 700-square-foot duplex in a 150-unit condo building on the Upper East Side. We found out pretty quickly that the super, Alek, was running the building like...

Best of Brick: Anatomy of a Craigslist scam

by Anonymous Renter as told to Teri Rogers | 8/15/11 - 10:25 AM

I was the victim of a Craigslist sublet scam last week. I’m still in shock, because I consider myself very knowledgeable about New York real estate and the kinds of scams that can happen, but...

Best of Brick: Confessions of an on-site leasing agent

by A.J. Craft | 8/10/11 - 1:50 PM

For the past nine months, I’ve worked as an on-site leasing agent for a major Manhattan landlord. Every day people come through my office in various stages of frustration, looking for a...

When your landlord is like family, the rent is low and the boyfriends tiptoe

by Elizabeth K. | 8/09/11 - 10:53 AM

When I moved to Brooklyn a little over two decades ago, I was broke and desperate.

My crappy publishing job only paid $18,000 a year (before taxes). I’d had to...

Best of Brick: I share two apartments with my ex-

by S. as told to Teri Rogers | 8/04/11 - 1:09 PM

My husband and I were married seven years when we decided to get a divorce in 2008. We had always been great friends and we still are, but we just didn’t manage to make a good husband and...