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My landlord won't return my security deposit: What's my recourse?

by Leigh Kamping-Carder | 6/30/14 - 1:59 PM

Q. My ex-landlord has my security deposit and hasn't returned my numerous phone calls and emails. How do I get it back? Will my renter's insurance cover it? Should I go to court?...

Condo or townhouse--which is a smarter buy?

by Leigh Kamping-Carder | 6/23/14 - 2:30 PM

Q. What is a better investment—a condo or a townhouse?

A. That's a big question, and perhaps one hard to answer definitively. Much...

I briefly stopped paying my student loans. Must I give up on buying a co-op and passing muster with its board?

by Leigh Kamping-Carder | 6/16/14 - 2:30 PM

Q. I had to take a forbearance on my student loans about five years ago. I’m in much better financial shape now, and I want to buy a place. Will the forbearance affect my...

Who's allowed to watch my building's security camera footage?

by Leigh Kamping-Carder | 6/09/14 - 2:30 PM

Q. My co-op building has security cameras in the lobby. I understand that they're a safety measure, but I'm wary of the board president or my neighbors being...

My broker wants me to sign an exclusive before I start apartment hunting. Should I?

by Leigh Kamping-Carder | 6/03/14 - 2:30 PM

Q. I'm looking to buy an apartment, and my broker just asked me to sign an agreement promising to work with her exclusively for three months. Is that normal? What are the pros and cons?...

How do I get a mortgage for a condo that's not built yet?

by Leigh Kamping-Carder | 5/27/14 - 2:30 PM

Q. I want to buy a condo in a new development, but I know that often you sign a contract months (or even years) before the building is finished and the deal...

I just spent $50,000 for new windows, and now my co-op board wants to replace them. Help!

by Leigh Kamping-Carder | 5/19/14 - 2:30 PM

Q. My co-op board is considering replacing all the windows in our building, a 36-story high-rise in Midtown, at a cost of about $10 million. I recently spent $...

My father wants to kick my brother out of the co-op we all share. Can I stop him?

by Leigh Kamping-Carder | 5/12/14 - 11:59 AM

Q. I own a two-bedroom co-op with my father. We've lived there with my brother for the last eight years. After a recent dispute about money, my father threatened to kick us both out. I'm...

My broker wrecked my flatscreen. Can I deduct the cost from his commission?

by Leigh Kamping-Carder | 5/05/14 - 2:30 PM

Q. While my broker was staging my apartment to sell, he accidentally knocked my flatscreen TV off the wall. It's toast! He said it wasn't hung up right and refuses to pay for it. I want...

My house-sitter flooded my rental. Who should cover the damage?

by Leigh Kamping-Carder | 4/28/14 - 1:30 PM

Q. My friend was house-sitting and didn't turn the bathtub faucet off all the way before she left. It flooded my apartment, causing thousands of dollars in damage to the apartment, my...