Built-in bookshelves and a brick wall make the office in this $8.4 million West Village townhouse feel more like a study. 

... and speaking of bookshelves, you'll never have to donate to the Strand again if you plan to work in this $3.595 million Upper Carnegie Hill condo.

This $7.9 million Flatiron co-op offers its own way to de-stress after a long day: hop in the tub. 

 Just check out all that natural light in this spacious $11.5 million Condo in Lenox Hill.

Talk about a corner office. This $2.8 million Park Slope co-op also has city views. 

Don Draper would feel right at home in this $27 million Lenox Hill townhouse.

Who needs a tech company job when you've got all the amenities at home? This $15 million West Village townhouse comes with a gym and steam room. 

Do work the way banking scions the Mellons did. They built this $46 million Lenox Hill mansion (where you can take a walk straight outside from the office). Hey, we can all dream, can't we?

You're forgiven if the phrase "working from home" invokes visions of being hunched over a laptop on a couch or sitting at a cluttered  desk in a bedroom corner. For many of us New Yorkers, it's pretty true.

We've found a few amazing home offices that will probably increase your productivity. The only downside: You may wind up spending most of the day admiring your space.

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