16 windows from three exposures flood this SoHo loft with light, putting a little summer in your winter.

If you haven’t noticed, our daylight seems to fade earlier and earlier as the colder months creep in. It is practically pitch black at 4pm. And as anyone with a northern exposure can tell you, the winters are long and dark… even from a high floor.

Not so in this cavernous four-bed, two-bath loft on Wooster Street in SoHo, where warm light beams in from the skylights, especially the massive vaulted skylight over the dining/living space and through the 16 corner windows from THREE exposures!  

The place rents for $18,500 a month. But you can’t underestimate the value of a reliable patch of sunlight to stretch out on and take an afternoon nap...and pretend you’re having a high-summer siesta in Sheep's Meadow.

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