Good question. BrickUnderground has previously recommended (1) not asking the super or resident manager to hand out cash tips, as some staff say they distrust this method, and (2) putting a family photo into the envelope to help connect your face to your generosity.  So what to do?  Though cash is preferred, you could combat the sticky fingers risk by writing a check and leave it with the super.  Or consider one of these suggestions offered on StreetEasy:

  • Hunt down each and every staff member personally, even if it takes you until the New Year.
  • Hold “tipping hours” in your apartment: Leave a note to all staff with the doorman saying “Please stop by at (day/time).”
  • If your building has an online communication system that tracks deliveries, like Building Link, log in each individual envelope and ask for an email notification when the envelopes are picked up.  
  • Leave it with the super. Then, “When you do see those staff members, just say: ‘I would have liked to give you my holiday greeting in person, but I didn't see you so I left it with the super.’ If your super is honest, the porter will then reply accordingly.”

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